Why get PHAROS

Today, the dynamism of insurance companies requires a flexible application that allows them to face the market’s competitiveness requirements very quickly, without compromising the performance required for this type of business. Therefore, being PHAROS a configurable system, it allows launching new products to the market in a very efficient way and making changes to existing products, positioning the companies ahead of their competition.

Pharos covers several lines of business and allows the configuration of Multi-risk products that combine not only coverage of the same line, but of different lines of business. Pharos has the ability to handle:

  • Traditional and non-traditional Life Insurance
    General securities
    Health insurance
    Pension Insurance
    Guarantees and Bonds

Due to its design and construction, Pharos covers different types of insurance marketing:

  • Individual insurance
    Collective Insurance
    Group Insurance
    Mass Insurance

In all cases, Pharos offers the ability to quote, subscribe and delegate issuance, as well as the ability to offer customers, both agents and insured, the option to consult and manage, with defined restrictions, their own policies. As PHAROS is a “Core” of Insurance, this includes the subsystems that allow the administration of any company in the field, through:

  • One (1) product configurator and subscription and operation policies
    One (1) quote handler including web quotes and policy administration (issuance and modifications or maintenance)
    One (1) claims handler
    One (1) reinsurance manager and
    One (1) third-party administration module and company structure.